VL Lite



Designed with the potter in mind, the VL-Lite is a belt-driven lightweight wheel. “Lite” enough to carry yet sturdy enough to throw on. Featuring a remote pedal, two-piece splashpan, workspace, 100-watt reversible motor, an automatic belt-tensioning system and a “Lite” price.

Features and Benefits

  • Electronic Controller / Delivers smooth steady speed control at maximum torque
  • Broad Speed Range / Allows optimum speed under all load conditions
  • Reversibility / Accommodates left and right hand users
  • Built-In Breaker / Motor is protected from overload
  • Remote Foot Pedal / Accommodates all throwing positions
  • Two-Piece Splashpan completes the package
  • Five-Year Warranty / Peace of mind



  • MOTOR: ½ hp, 100W DC
  • SPEED CONTROL: Remote Foot Pedal
  • WHEELHEAD SPEED: 0-250 rpm
  • WHEELHEAD DIRECTION: Clockwise/Counter-Clockwise
  • CENTERING: 25 lbs
  • WHEELHEAD: 12” Alloy with Bat-Pins
  • DIMENSION: 22” x 28” x 21”
  • WHEEL WEIGHT: 51 lbs