Pacifica Potter’s Wheels GT – 800


Standard Features:

  • Single belt drive, QUIET with superior grip
  • Power. GT 400 centers 80 lbs. of clay and develops over 1⁄2 hp GT 800 centers 100 lbs. of clay and develops over 1 hp
  • State-of-the-art electronics provide extra torque and consistent RPM at even the slowest speeds—great for delicate trimming
  • Modular construction of electronic components makes repairs a snap—often reducing down time to hours versus days or weeks
  • Heavy duty steel frame with 3 widely spaced legs is stable and virtually indestructible
  • Spacious, molded tabletop provides large work area and cleans easily
  • 13” cast aluminum throwing head
  • Splash pan is easily removed for cleaning
  • Convenient, 3-position, reversing switch

Since its inception in 1972, Pacifica has been considered by thousands of experienced potters and instructors to be the best wheel value on the market. No gimmicks,

just solid, dependable construction and reliable electronics make Pacifica the potter’s choice. Whether you need a wheel with a centering capacity of up to 80 lbs (GT 400) or over 100 lbs (GT 800), if you are serious about your pottery, Pacifica is your wheel.


The seat:

Comfortable, supportive and adjustable up, down, toward and away from the wheel.  This padded, steel seat works on Pacifica and other wheel tool

Leg Extension A:

Adds 1 to  10 inches – You sit up higher, reducing strain on lower back

Leg Extension B:

Adds 11 to  23 inches – for stand-up throwing Wheel head height 30-41″