Mid Smooth Stone



This body is a very smooth, plastic clay with no grog or coarse fireclay in the formula. It fires to an off-cream colour at Cone 6 oxidation. Mid Smooth Stone is designed as a throwing clay but it is also used for handbuilding when a smooth clean surface is required. Glazes are not muted at all. This is a good compromise between stoneware and porcelain.
Wet-to-dry shrinkage: 7.5%
Total shrinkage at Cone 6: 14.5%
Absorption at Cone 6: 1.5%

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Each box contains two 10 kilogram bags for a total of 20 kilograms

1-6 $39.00 as price per unit
7 – 51 $37.05 as price per unit
52 – 103 $35.10 as price per unit
104 – 999 $33.15 as price per unit