Dawson Kiln Sitter and parts


This device employs a small cone which, when bent by the heat, triggers a shut off device. it also has a timer which will shut the kiln off after a pre-set number of hours.

**Please note that kiln sitter tube assemblies come in many different shapes and sizes. If ordering a tube assembly for a brand other than Cone Art Kilns, we will need you to email us a photo of your existing tube assembly next to a ruler to ensure we send you the correct component. Photos can be emailed to: info@tuckerspottery.com and we will match them up to your online order.


LT3-Kw/timer 50amps, LT3-Kw/timer75amps, Firing Gauge, Cone Supports, Sensing rod 12” – Customer cut to size, Tube Ass 2.5-5.5in, Tube Assembly 6-7in., Timer Motor, Timer Knob, Manuals, Switch block 50 amps, Switch block 70 amps, Claw assembly with guide plate, Set Screw, Guide Plate, Plunger 50 amps, Plunger 75 amps