Creamer Makin’ Patsy


Creamer Makin’ Patsy – Makes a 24-36 ounce pitcher,6” tall X 4”-6” wide with 2 to 2.25 pounds of clay.

Each Wiziwig Profile Rib is 7 tools in one.

Each side has a different profile plus foot and rim profiles.

They are made of 18 gauge ,high quality stainless steel.

They do not bend, flex or rust.

Suggestions are made for each rib but you can alter size and shape to meet your needs.


How to use a Wiziwig Profile Rib?

Throw a cylinder similar to the weight and dimensions suggested.

1. Carefully press the rib into the outside wall with one hand inside the cylinder.

2. Gently apply pressure with the inside hand directly opposite the contact point of the rib on the outside.

3. Slowly and gently move your fingers up the cylinder pressing outwards until the clay takes the shape of the rib. Do this several times to gradually change the shape of the cylinder.

4. Once you are satisfied with the form use the rib to create a foot and a rim using one of the notches.

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