Bailey Burner Design and Safety System

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Advantages of Forced Draft Burners over Venturi Burners

Bailey forced draft burners are mounted up off the floor for convenient easy access. Most venturi burner designs require the operator to crawl on the floor to adjust the burners. Because the Bailey has only two burner ports, there is no heat loss or re-oxidation problems which is typically the case with multiple burner venturi kilns where the burner ports can not be sealed. Venturi kilns are ultra sensitive to the general atmosphere and prone to wide variations in reduction results. Besides the damper, there is no flexible control for internal circulation on a venturi kiln. Heat gets trapped in the top. Debris can fall into the burner ports on the floor and obstruct the flame entry. To view the burners you have to crawl on the floor.

kilncombdetail Forced Draft Burners and Safety Equipment (Standard on all models up to the Pro 40)

Forced draft burners are recognized throughout the ceramic industry as the most efficient means of firing a kiln. Air and gas are mixed thoroughly providing complete combustion of the fuel, and reduced firing costs. The ”forced draft” provides constant pressure which distributes the heat evenly throughout the entire kiln chamber. You’ll appreciate the cones bending together top to bottom! Each kiln comes equipped with a variable speed control and adjustable air shutters on the blower intake. The variable speed control is used to set the blower rotation in a general range proportionate to supply sufficient air for a particular model. The intake flap is used to fine tune the air intake. Each of the two burners comes equipped with a water column pressure gauge, 100% flame safety gas valve, and a pilot burner.

blower speedswitch safetyvalve burner-pilot gasgauge
Forced Air Blower Variable Speed Switch 100% AGA Safety Valve Main Burner with Safety Venturi Pilot 0-15″ Water Pressure Gauge

Air Gauge Manifold System (optional)

The optional air gauge manifold is the latest feature in providing precise control of air flow into the main burner. Air gauges give analog (needle indicator) readouts showing air pressure. Instead of approximations, it is possible to make accurate correlations between gas pressure and air pressure, thus creating a base line for precision firing results. The manifold includes one air gauge and an air control valve for each burner. A switch is used to read left or right to allow the operator to perfectly balance the air.


Gas Kiln Safety Shut Off Systems


The High Limit #1 Shut Off System (optional)

This unit offers added back-up shut-off safety in the event that something prevents the operator from turning the kiln off at the peak temperature. If a gas kiln is allowed to “run away,” it has the potential of building up temperature that could cause damage to the kiln, the load, and a potential fire hazard. The High Limit consists of an adjustable electronic controller (to set a shut-off temperature), which is connected to a gas solenoid. Once the temperature “set point” on the controller is reached, the supply of gas is terminated, and the kiln is switched off. Electrical interruptions will cause the system to shut down the kiln as well. 120 volt. Standard outlet required. This unit is highly recommended for schools, or other installations where a kiln is going to be installed in a building.

M-404-090 High Limit #1 Shut Off

High Limit #3 Safety Flame Systems (optional)

This system includes a High Limit Controller, Soak Control Function, Ultra Violet Safety System, Fire Eye Controls, Thermo-couple, Solenoids, and Automatic Ignition System.

The U.V. Scanners will shut down the kiln within several seconds if there is a flame-out. The soak control will hold the kiln at a given temperature for as long as you require. The ignition system will automatically light the burner manifold with the flick of a switch. if the burner goes out, it will relight the burner automatically. If re-ignition is not possible, then the entire system will shut down. Required for kilns over 40 cu. ft. stackable space, elective on all smaller models. Recommended for School situations.
M-404-005 Digital UV High Limit System

  sys3panel uvhilimitnumber3

Pyrometers and Oxygen Probes (optional)

Bailey can take care of all your temperature readout needs. If you require accurate atmosphere control, add an oxygen probe to your kiln. Customers firing copper red glazes swear by them. It is imperative to have a reliable digital pyrometer on any gas kiln. A digital pyrometer will give you immediate status about heat rise (or decline) which will allow you to make accurate adjustments to your damper, gas flow and air mix.


Bailey Gas Kilns are Approved &
Now 100% Certified for the US and Canada.

Bailey 360 Down-Draft Kilns… A Triumph of Logic and Innovative Thinking.

Bailey Gas Kilns are the by-product of logic and innovative thinking. Our unique down-draft design represents years of careful research. Every aspect of fuel efficiency, firing consistency and durability has been incorporated into each kiln. We can say quite confidently that there is no other kiln design that can provide such an unparalleled performance.

Uniform Heat Distribution

The Bailey down-draft gives a unique 360 degree heat flow pattern. This flow pattern maximizes the absorption of the heat energy and dramatically reduces firing costs. You get uniform heat top to bottom, front to back, and side to side. Unlike venturi style downdraft kilns with burners coming through the floor, our forced air downdraft kilns offer ingenious internal adjustments to fine tune the path of the heat flow. By adjusting the placement and size of the target brick, we can optimize firing results for traditional pottery forms or sculpture. Just watch those cone packs drop evenly!

Uniform Atmospheres

The 360 degree heat travel also gives excellent control of the atmosphere. Whether you fire oxidation or reduction, atmosphere control is extremely simple. We take the mystery out of firing and make it easy to get perfectly consistent firing results. You can look forward to beautiful glazes in every part of your kiln.