Bailey ST Wheel



The Bailey ST is a compact wheel with outstanding value. Like all Bailey wheels, the ST is quiet and smooth. It offers the unique Bailey 2-piece removable splash/trim pan. No other wheel in it’s class holds as many trims and slops, is sturdier, or easier to slide in an out. Unlike other economy wheels that have flimsy frames and light weight construction, the Bailey ST has the same rock solid “T-Bar” tubular braced frame as our professional wheels for stability. The Bailey ST is designed to receive our inexpensive leg extensions that provide the perfect throwing height so you throw with correct posture. The counter of the ST is a 3/4” thick white melamine surface. Every wheel has a reversing plug and comes with a reinforced 12″ wheel aluminum head. The ST has a 1″ drive shaft with commercial grade ball bearings and uses the same motor and controller as found on our ST-X wheel. The ST uses 3 drive belts instead of 4 (as on our other ST and PRO models), but it is still capable of centering up to 50 lb.of clay with a “less aggressive” centering approach. The ST is compact (21″ high x 22.5″ wide x 25.5″ long). Shipping weight: 68 lbs. Some assembly required.

10 Year Warranty on your Splash Pan, Motor, Belts, Controller, Super Bearing and Pedal Electronics (Warranty does not cover damage from abuse or electrical surges.  All warranty claims are subject to review.)