Bailey Pro-X and Pro-XL Wheels



The Bailey Counter Pan makes the difference. The advantages of our innovative counter pan is that it not only prevents “splash”, but unlike any other design, it has a large area to collect trims. This will definitely help you keep the studio or classroom clean. Another benefit is that a large 9″ diameter water bucket can fit inside the Bailey pan while a 14″ bat is used. Keeping the water bucket in the pan area is another way to keep the wheel area clean. The “back and forth” travel to the water bucket is confined to the pan. The sturdy counter pan is very rigid and comfortable to brace against when throwing. This is something you can’t do with a removable splash pan. The Bailey Counter Pan is also includes a drain tube for easy cleaning and a Removable Side Discharge Panel for trims. It’s fast and convenient. Want to throw with large scale bats? When you want to use a bat larger than 14”, use the wheel head extension. This will allow you to elevate the wheel head so large scale bats can be used.

The Pro X can center 50 lbs. of clay with a 1/2 HP motor.

The pro Xl can center 100 lbs. of clay with it’s 1 HP motor.

10 Year Warranty on your Splash Pan, Motor, Belts, Controller, Super Bearing and Pedal Electronics (Warranty does not cover damage from abuse or electrical surges.  All warranty claims are subject to review.)


Bailey Pro-X, Bailey Pro-XL