Bailey Mini-Might 22″


The New Bailey Mini 22″ Table Roller utilizes the same dependable “dual roller drive” process as other top-of-the-line Bailey models. A sturdy hand crank delivers ample leverage to effortlessly roll slabs through the machine. This machine is virtually indestructible!

The New Bailey Mini 22″ Table Roller design is a combination slab roller and table mount in one machine. You get perfect slabs every time. Take notice of the small textured rollers. The reduced diameter of the rollers (in combination with the 15” crank) is the reason that it is so easy to roll a slab. The thickness is varied by adding or removing Masonite shims. Every machine is supplied with a set of Masonite shims and a slab sheet. This improved version includes side guides to keep the Masonite on center as they pass through the rollers.

The Bailey Mini 22″ Table Roller is ready to use by setting on your own existing sturdy table. With the addition of the Mini Leg Set, the Mini 22” Table Roller is converted into a free standing table. Assembly required for Roller and Table.



Slab Dimensions:   22” wide x 24” long
(longer slabs possible with longer shims)
Thickness Va  riable:   1/8” to 3/4”, in 1/8” intervals. Additional shim material can be added to roll 1/16″ slabs.
Drive System: Twin Gear Drive, Oilite Bushings
Overall Dimensions:   24” X 48” X 5” H (not including legs)