Bailey DRD/II 30-G


Outstanding Performance.Unprecedented Value.We are very proud of the DRD/II. Our engineers succeeded in building a thoroughly professional roller, with all the logical and rugged features you expect from Bailey, but at an extremely affordable price. Never before has a professional slab roller offered so much value. Various brands of slab rollers may look similar, but how do they perform? Just look at the “One Pass Slabbing” photo and you will see proof of how a Bailey can roll a large mass of clay in one pass to a desired thickness. Bailey rollers are designed to offer indefinite service with this kind of load. You might assume all slab rollers can perform like a Bailey, but guess again. One of our competitors builds a slab roller that should be called a “slab smoother”. Their machine requires several passes to form a slab, or you are severely restricted in how high you can pile the clay when feeding it through the machine. The DRD/II series comes with a canvas and a 4 spoke handle (not pictured). An optional 34″ diameter round wheel is available. This large wheel gives ample leverage to make rolling easier and more fluid. For classrooms, be sure to order the reverse threaded handle adaptor for the gear model. This will prevent students from damaging the machine. There are two table options.Both Bailey tables have wheels, so you can move your slab roller around the studio conveniently. The larger 6’ long table has a full 48” long area on the right side of the machine to work on the finished slab. A new shorter 4′ long table has a 32″ work area. This 4′ long table is a real space saver for a small studio. All Bailey tables have a small feed counter with the machine offset on the table (not in the middle) which gives more area for the finished slab on the right side of the machine. The counters are made of Melamine. Melamine surfaces should not be saturated with water or coated directly with wet clay (assembly required). Both the 24″ & 30″ wide DRD/II models can ship economically via UPS. Five (5) Year Warranty.

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