Bailey DRD Original 30

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Since 1974, Bailey Rollers have always been the Professional’s #1 Choice. The only Slab Roller built for heavy production use All ball bearing drive #40 Chain/Sprocket Drive Gear Reduced Portable Two table options 2 sizes: 30″ & 40″ wide The original DRD Series introduced in 1978 is the finest slab roller built anywhere. The DRD slab rollers are designed for professionals who want maximum load output, exacting accuracy, and a trouble-free operation. Clay is rolled in one pass to the desired thickness. No other roller even comes close to this robust versatile design. The DRD Series comes in two sizes: 30” and 40” wide. Each machine has two steel rollers mounted in heavy duty ball bearings. The rollers are driven by a #40 chain and sprocket to insure maximum strength under heavy loads. The 30” and 40” machines utilize massive 4” rollers that have been gear reduced for easy manual operation. The rollers are coated with an industrial epoxy abrasive to provide a positive “non-slip” traction. Thickness adjustments can be made from 1/16” up to 1-3/4″. Adjustments are instantly and accurately made from a single knob located at the top of the machine. This knob raises and lowers both sides of the upper roller simultaneously. A height scale indicator is provided for quick reference and exact measurements. Only clay and canvas are needed to roll a slab. However, a wood board can be run through the machine with the clay and canvas to assist when forming massive slabs over 1¼“ thick. Each machine comes with a 10 foot canvas, instructions and table plans. Heavy duty steel tables are listed below. Manual machines have a large 34” drive wheel for additional leverage to make turning easier.