Bailey DB 30

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Bailey Unique Drive Board SeriesThe Drive Board Series utilizes our patented “drive board” process for producing perfectly compressed uniform slabs. In this version, the “drive board” is a part of the compression process. The board travels through the machine and serves as a way of projecting massive slabs along that would otherwise stall from the weight and drag of the clay. The drive board has several distinct functional advantages over the dual roller drive. Advantages of the Drive Board ProcessArchitectural scale work can require long thick slabs. The DB process keeps on projecting a massive thick slab out for the full length of the board regardless of the thickness and the consistency of the clay. The DRD system is more dependent on the density of the clay to give structure so the slab can project on it’s own. However, the slab can only push out so far before it would bunch up from the shear mass of a thick heavy slab. The DB is also bi-directional, allowing the operator to run right-to-left or left-to-right. This has advantage for applications where the artist wants to create embossing techniques or application of different clays to the slab. NOTE: When ordering an electric roller, a table must be ordered.